Addressing the challenges of managing pharmaceuticals in a healthcare environment


Waste Confirmation System

Documenting the Compliant Wasting of Controlled Substances

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Remote Inventory Management System

Managing Pharmaceuticals In
Remote Locations

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PAR Level Service

Comprehensive analysis of previous inventories, purchases, and the critical history of product returns

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Reveal, Your Partner in Preventing the Diversion of Opioids

D5 Camera, is your “extra set of eyes” for the management of opioids. Features include,

  • Unbreakable Security with AES encryption
  • Front Facing Screen with Articulated Camera Head allowing the camera to be worn in various places on employees of all heights
  • One Touch Record with a single, quick and simple action to begin recording

The Application for Opioid Management

Capture both video and audio of the following:

  • Receipt – Verify that the product quantities ordered and billed have been properly received and recorded by pharmacy personnel,
  • Movement – Document that opioids received and recorded have been transferred to the Class II vault,
  • IV Preparation of Opioids – Verify that opioids administered by IV have been accurately prepared with the ordered quantity with wastage properly documented,
  • Replenishment of Opioids – Record the activities related to the movement of opioids for replenishment within a facility setting, in addition to, the return of expired opioids to the pharmacy,
  • Life Cycle of Opioids – Record the activities of third party reverse distributors in retrieving expired opioids, including recording product counts and Form 222 preparation.

The D5 Camera and supporting cloud based software allows for the:

Retrieval of videos of employee by name, department, and activity, real time viewing of employee activities as related to opioids.

The features and value of D5 Cameras and related cloud based technology can also be utilized in the management of high cost products such as oncology drugs, in addition to, hazardous chemical or materials that would benefit from the verification of compliance.

For more information regarding the full suite of systems and services for the management of opioids, contact Robert (Bob) Miller, Cost Control Solutions at 321.617.7623 or rmiller@costcontrol-solutions.com