Steri-Trak – Pharmaceutical Management

A value added feature of Steri-Trak is the ability to identify all pharmaceutical products in remote locations by their,

  • Expiration date,
  • Quantities, and if a health system,
  • By facility

Steri-Trak provides for the “electronic canvassing” of a facility, eliminating the labor intensive physical canvassing of a facility’s remote locations to identify soon to expire pharmaceuticals . . . in a single report.

Steri-Trak’s Product Verify function can be utilized to identify the presence of pharmaceuticals within a tray or container where products are required. This can be accomplished with either of two options, or a combination of both:

Steri-Trak RFID – Steri-Trak enables the user to utilize RFID tags to document products by description, lot number and expiration date. This enables the user to quickly and accurately identify required products that may be missing from a tray or location. With Steri-Trak RFID, product verification can be accomplished with a simple hand held RFID reader.

Steri-Trak Clear – Steri-Trak Clear is a cloud based system with mobile technology that allows the user to identify the presence of required products and those that may be missing from a medicine tray or location with a simple tab on a Product Verify screen viewed on a mobile device.

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