The Acute Inventory Management System (AIMS) enables healthcare facilities to efficiently manage their pharmaceuticals in remote locations

Acute Inventory Management System (AIMS)

In the age of systems with mobile technology, hospitals and healthcare providers welcome the management of pharmaceuticals with 1950s technologies.

  • “Stickers” affixed to containers including emergency carts indicating the shortest dated product contained within
  • Post-It notes stating “Use First”
  • Excel spreadsheets

AIMS Features

This cloud-based system with mobile technology manages the pharmaceutical products located in remote locations throughout a healthcare facility.

  • • Identify products by facility, product name, quantity, lot numbers, expiration dates, and locations within a facility
  • • Product Verify feature allows for the identification of missing products without the need for RFID tags
  • • Facilitates the rotation of product prior to expiration enabling their usage and revenue capture

AIMS Savings and Value

  • Substantially reduces the labor required to manage products in remote locations
  • Greatly reduces the lost inventory value of expired products that fail to qualify for credit
  • Improves patient safety by reducing the potential for dispensing recalled or expired product

Community Hospital Appreciation Program

The management of Cost Control Solutions understands the challenges of hospitals with limited funds for technology. Therefore, CCS offers our Community Hospital Appreciation Program in recognition of your continued support of the rural communities you serve.
Our pricing is determined by our business strategy of providing a superior pharmaceuticals management system at an attainable fee.

Annual licensing fees for AIMS start at $395.
To begin the process of licensing and implementing AIMS, simply fill out the Customer Information Request Form below and submit to Cost Control Solutions. We will contact you upon receipt of your completed Customer Information Form.


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